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We take inspiration from the place we call home, specializing in beef, buffalo, and pork products.  Our original recipe is designed to bring out the best possible flavor of the meat.  The finest meats are selected followed with mouthwatering flavors put together by our original recipe and unique brines, tested house rubs and wood blends.

Madison Smokehouse is based in historic Ennis, Montana and located inside Madison Foods.  Great for your next fly-fishing trip or outdoor adventure in our scenic valley.

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We use classic smoking techniques that have been mastered over time to enhance the flavor of our delectable products. These techniques, combined with our special rubs, brines and seasonings create a unique and memorable taste that we are sure you will love. Shop our full line of delicious products, including 10 flavors of brats and an excellent selection of jerky and snack sticks.  

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"Delicious! Like nothing I’ve tasted before!"

— Travis

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